Family of Alfred Bourgeois Launch New Website Calling for Justice in His Name

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LAPLACE, La. — The family of an executed federal death row inmate, Alfred Bourgeois, who was convicted in the 2002 murder of his 2-year-old daughter have created a website calling for justice in his name.

The website,, claims evidence exists that “proved and confirmed” that the 56-year-old condemned man didn’t commit the crime he was accused of. Prosecutors say Bourgeois, enraged after his daughter tipped her training toilet over, slammed her head into the dashboard and window of his truck until she died.

“The actual diagnosis of his daughter’s death was Hypernatremia, caused by the digestion of too much saltwater from a week-old family beach trip.” the homepage states.

“There was no fractured skull, no blood on the window, nor were there any signs of external injuries or head traumas.” they added.

The family released previously unseen public records through the site, including a signed affidavit from renowned forensic pathologist Werner Spitz, in which he opined that the child’s scalp injuries wouldn’t have been fatal.

“The findings place in question causation of the injuries and their timing. The scalp injuries in and of
themselves would not have been life threatening and there is a question as to
the life threatening nature of the cerebral injuries.” he added.

The campaign will follow three pillars: Advocacy, Outreach, and Partnership.

The website features a series of seven videos featuring family and friends of Bourgeois entitled “We Will Not Be Silenced.”


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