US Capitol Police Identify Man Who Participated in Riot After He Was Kicked off Flight for Repeatedly Yelling ‘Trump 2020’

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WASHINGTON Federal prosecutors charged John Lolos in federal court for his actions at the capitol insurrection on January 6. Lolos was kicked off a flight for ‘continuously’ chanting ‘Trump 2020’, according to officials.

John Braddock, an airport policeman, recognized Lolos as he was kicked off his flight from a video he saw on Instagram. Lolos was wearing the same outfit he wore in the video, in which he was seen exiting the capitol waving a Trump flag.

“During the video LOLOS can be seen exiting the U.S. Capitol doorway, wearing the same shirt he was wearing the (at) the airport, and was waiving a red ‘Trump 2020 Keep American Great’ flag hooked together with the United States flag, yelling ‘we did it, yeah!'” Braddock wrote in a report.

Braddock quickly notified officers working with the Capitol Police Dignitary Protection division. Special agents approached Lolos, informed him he was being detained, and placed him under arrest.

Lolos has been charged with ‘knowingly entering or remaining in a restricted building without lawful authority’ and ‘violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds’ under US Codes Title 18, § 1752 and Title 40 § 5104.

No attorney for Lolos is listed under federal proceedings.

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