Trump Admin-Issued ‘1776 Report’ Justifies Slavery, Three-Fifths Compromise, Encourages ‘Patriotic Education’

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WASHINGTON, DC – The President Advisory’s 1776 Commission issued a report on the state of American education on Monday, also Martin Luther King Jr day. The report is described by the White House as a “rebuttal” to the 1619 Project as well as other essays and accounts that take a more critical view of America’s founding days.

Trump announced the forming of the commission last September.

He blamed anti-racist school curriculum for violence that occurred at protests over the summer, following with encouragement to adopt “patriotic education” in schools. The commission is headed by Larry Arnn of Hillsdale College, who has previously referred to minorities as ‘dark ones.’

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“Critical race theory, the 1619 Project and the crusade against American history is toxic propaganda, ideological poison, that, if not removed, will dissolve the civic bonds that tie us together, will destroy our country,” Trump said in a press conference.

The report, 45 pages long, says that the Civil Rights Movement was turned into “programs that ran counter to the lofty ideals of the founders” in reference to Affirmative Action policies.

“We have moved toward a system of explicit group privilege that, in the name of ‘social justice,’ demands equal results and explicitly sorts citizens into ‘protected classes’ based on race and other demographic categories,” the report claims. “Eventually this regime of formal inequality would come to be known as ‘identity politics.’ “

The report even goes as far to attempt to justify slavery, stating that the practice wasn’t “a uniquely American evil,” despite America being one of the last countries to abolish slavery. “The institution can be seen in a much broader perspective.” the section on slavery continues.

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The report also justifies the three-fifths compromise – in which Black voters were counted as 3/5 of a person -characterizing it as “just that: compromises,” and “practical politics.”

Ramey Berry, chair of the History Department at the University of Austin, Texas, was quick to condemn the report to the Huffington Post, saying:

“From a historian’s vantage point, the report cannot be taken as a solid piece of historical work: It seeks to justify slavery and its damaging aftermath in order to indoctrinate yet another generation of American students,”

“The last four years, underscored by the last few weeks, have demonstrated how fragile our embrace of truth can be and the consequences of purposeful disinformation,” the scholar added.

“The last four years, underscored by the last few weeks, have demonstrated how fragile our embrace of truth can be and the consequences of purposeful disinformation,”

– Ramey Berry

The report says that educating others on the historic oppression of Black Americans “has done enormous damage” to “our civic unity and social fabric,” – suggesting pointing out America’s wrongs are essentially worse than the wrongs themselves.

In an education section of the report, it claims American universities are “hotbeds of Anti-Americanism, libel, and censorship,” and urges schools to reject curriculum that portrays America in a negative light.

It also adds, “educators must convey a sense of enlightened patriotism that equips each generation with a knowledge of America’s founding principles, a deep reverence for their liberties, and a profound love of their country.”

The commission has no authority to enforce the standards on education set in the report.

The full 1776 Report can be read here.

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